Wind- and kitesurfing

If you do not want to dive or want something different ...

Wind- and kite surfing

Safaga is a suitable place for beginners and advanced surfers. You can take lessons and start in calm water, right on the beach and in the shelter of the coast. And experienced surfer can make a trip to one of the islands. In the eastern parts of the bay you will find Tobia Island. A nice place to start surfing.

The bay of Safaga is several kilometers wide. In the morning the wind usually comes from the northwest and he gradually turns to the northeast. The wind can stir up in the afternoon to 5 to 7 Beaufort. The water is clear and azure and there are little to no reefs. There are separate sections for kite- and wind surfing. In the summer there is the most wind, but it can also be very hot. There is usually plenty of wind, but there is sometimes a day that the wind is gone. In 1993, the World Windsurfing Championship was held in Safaga.

We organize wind- and kite surfing in co-operation with Tornado Surf in Safaga. This is a professional club with experienced instructors and well cared material. We take care of the transfer to and from Tornado Surf. For wind surfing you can take lessons. They offer courses for adults and children. You can take a number of hours for lessons, both in a group or private. For advanced users, it is possible to hire equipment.