Diving Courses

Do your diving course during your holidays ...

Nemo Dive Club & Hotel is a qualified diving center for CMAS, PADI, DAN & IAHD

Safety is our priority! We offer diving courses for beginners up to the Assistant Instructor level. We also organize special courses such as photo & video, and diving for children. All courses are given in Dutch, German, English and / or French.

Basic coures PADI en CMAS


In this group are all (dive) courses that you can start without requirements. By training for this courses we use the basic (diving) equipment. The main objective of these programs is to gain knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe and sound in an underwater environment.

The basic courses of PADI and CMAS are designed for the student who has no experience of the underwater world. Each program is specifically adapted to the base of knowledge and physical ability of the student.

During the practical skills, you go along with your PADI and CMAS instructor in the water to learn how to deal with the diving equipment, how to avoid problems and experience the freedom of weightlessness and enjoy the breathtaking underwater world.

PADI and CMAS know the following courses:

PADI Courses CMAS Courses
Discover Scuba Diving Introductory Scuba Experience
Open Water Diver 1 star duiker
Advanced Open Water Diver 2 star duiker
Rescue Diver 3 star duiker
Master Scuba Diver 4 star duiker

Medical courses

DAN Logo

DAN stands for Divers Alert Network. DAN was born in 1980 from an initiative by a number of scientists and professors of international repute who had understood that in a diving emergency requires a special knowledge is usually not present in the normal medical facilities.

DAN’s mission therefore is to work with and maintain an international network of alarm centers, 24-hour operating and providing an emergency, specialized assistance, to any diver, anywhere in the world. Not for nothing is called DAN unofficially “the diver’s safety net ‘.

DAN also provides medical advice, carries out research into diving safety, organizes (diving) medical courses and seminars with the aim of increasing the knowledge and sense of responsibility of recreational divers and provides financial and technical assistance to decompression chambers in developing countries.



IAHD was founded in 1993 and aims to promote, develop and implement Scuba diving courses for people with physical and / or (minor) mental disability and for instructors who want to train people with disabilities.

The organization consists of able-bodied people and from people with disabilities who are all pursuing the goal of IAHD. The best way to do this is to experience the people that you can dive with disabilities. There are few limitations that you should not dive. The way of limitation and the way how to deal with this limitation, varies from person to person.

IAHD wants to ensure that people with disabilities can receive the same quality of training, certification and dive adventures as able-bodied people. If you are interested or know someone who is disabled and wants to dive, Nemo Diving can see the possibilities and the instructors at home that can help you.

For young people, we can offer the following programs:

  • Piratenfish Diver
  • Confined Ranger
  • Ocean Ranger

For adults, we offer the following programs:

  • Skin diver
  • SCUBA diving introduction
  • Protected water diver
  • Open Water Diver