Divers with disabilities

Nemo has specially trained instructors...

Enjoying Safaga underwater life…Also with disabilities.

Divers with a disability can enjoy with us the fantastic underwater world that Safaga offers. The divers must be able to present a medical certificate as proof that they are fit. Please contact us in advance so that we can meet your individual requirements.

Friendly hotel for people with disabilities

The hotel is completely adapted for divers and guests. The hotel has an elevator and we have specially furnished rooms. The rooms are extra spacious and the bathroom and toilet have wide doors and are barrier-free.

Our boat Dory is also suitable

Our daily boat “Dory” is 28 meters long, 4.5 meters wide and approved to carry up to 35 divers and their equipment. We have an extra wide ramp so wheelchairs can easily be driven on board. On board is an extra wide toilet, easily accessible for wheelchair users. We have a motorized lift, so that a diver with all their equipment can be safely and quickly hoisted from the water (within 1 minute!) For transportation from the hotel to the boat our pick-up can be used. Bert Biemans is also an instructor IAHD and thus qualified in dealing with disabled divers.

Ibrahim is blind, also he enjoy scuba diving.

Ibrahim is blind,  he enjoy scuba diving.