Early morning dive & Diving on the house reef

At daybreak diving on the reef or from the beach on our house reef ...

Early morning dive

From… .hours to 08.00 hours
Early in the morning, immerse yourself gently in the light of the rising sun. The time when the “night owls” of the sea go to sleep and the early birds (fish) prepare for a new day. Nice start of the day.

Diving on the house reef

3th dive from the Dory

After 2 dives on the boat “Dory”, a third dive can be made from the boat on the house reef. The dive ends at Nemo Beach.

From the beach

From the beach of Nemo you can take a quiet dip on the house reef. Briefly on the sand, then grass, sometimes you imagine yourself in the Scottisch Highlands, and then the small rocks begin to emerge. Before you know it you are on the house reef. A meeting with some permanent residents such as one of the turtles or sea horses is possible. Nudibranchs, gray mureen, halfmoon angelfish and many other lives live on our house reef.