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My Dory:
– LOA 28 meter
– 450 HP – diesel engine
– Kitchen, 2 toilets with shower
– Sunroof
– GPS, Echo sounder /Fish finder, generator
– First Aid Kit
– Oxygen
A day aboard the “Dory”

Our daily boat sails every day. In the morning the diving equipment is packed in a box and brought to the boat by the staff with a pick up. We walk to the boat ourself, a walk of about 3 minutes. The “Dory” is at the end of the pier and is easily recognizable by the name and the wide blue stripe on the hull. We must be on the “Dory” approximately 08.30 AM.  We take swimsuit, a towel, sunbrand and a good humor.

On board we are welcomed by Mustafa, our Egyptian divemaster and dive guide. He tells us first where we can leave our shoes. We walk on board our bare feet. Then he explains the dry and wet parts of the boat. Also information about using the toilets and showers. Then he gives an explanation on ordering drinks and completing the boot list. Everyone is responsible for noting his own drinks. Dive time and depth must be recorded at the end of each dive. He also inform the divers about the dive location and use of the oxygen tank and the location of the first aid kit.
Meanwhile the equipment brought on board. We make the equipment ready. The 12 liter aluminum bottles are filled with minimal 200 bar compressed air. After the testing of the contents of the bottle, we ensure that the faucet is shut off again.

Time to search the sun or in the shade a spot. The salon has a container with hot water. We can get tea and coffee.

Depending on the dive location is a 35 minute boat ride up to one and a half hour.

Arrived at the dive location, the “Dory” applied to anchor lines. Often in the lee site of a reef. Mustafa makes a briefing for the dive site and he use an underwater map. Issues such as dive depth, dive time, current, and emergency stop are discussed. He will divide buddy pairs and if necessary additional inexperienced divers informed about his role as a guide.

Time for diving. With full equipment there is not much space on the dive deck, so we try the dive groups to split a bit. After a buddy check it’s time for diving.

We are on the surface again. After about an hour and still impressed by what we have seen under water. We give the fins to the staff of the “Dory” and climb through the ladder on board. At the top we wait and the staff remove the empty bottle. We make the equipment ready for the next dive. Then it’s time for coffee and tea and show the photos we have taken underwater.

Around noon it’s time for lunch. In the salon are plates and cutlery ready. Our cook has again done his best. Its is always amazing what he can prepare in a small kitchen. There is always of pasta or rice. Various types of salads, cooked vegetables, a potato dish and one or more meat dishes.

After lunch time there is time to read a book or take a nap. Or we can look for the unknown fish in one of the fishing guides on board.

We sail to another location for the second dive. Again Mustafa holds a briefing. Another location, another reef.

After the second dive we will serve fresh fruit and a sweet snack. The cook made cake, pie or some kind fritters fried. We must be quick before they run out.

We sail back to the port of Safaga. Depending on the dive sites we are between 15:00 and 17:30 back. Time for a refreshment at the beach bar.