Technical Diving

Technical Diving. When one tank isn't enough...

Dive with a rebreather or with a tech buddy

Would you like to experience what it is like to dive with a rebreather? Diving with a rebreather, and especially the fully closed systems (CCR), has three major advantages over diving with an open system. We are much more efficient with the gas consumption, have an optimal decompression and the device functions almost silently, which especially the underwater photographers and filmmakers will appreciate.

Nemo Dive Club & Hotel now offers the opportunity to dive with a rebreater and experience what it is like to leave no bubbles behind. Diving with a rebreather under the guidance of an experienced instructor, directly from the boat. One dive can be done, but two dives are recommended to get the most out of the experience. Click here to send an email and book a rebreathertry dive during your stay at Nemo Dive Club & Hotel.

Rebreather experience dive

Rebreather Try Dive (with an APD Evolution, Inspiration or rEvo)

You are a technical diver, trained to make deep dives, but you don’t have a buddy to do these dives. Nemo Dive Club & Hotel offers the possibility to call in a tech buddy. This experienced diver makes safe dives with you. Click here to send an email and to reserve a tech buddy during your stay at Nemo Dive Club & Hotel.

Tech buddy for diving up to 40 and 100 meters

  • Tekbuddy: Maximum depth is 40 m
  • Tekbuddy: Maximum depth is 100 m

Technical diving courses

Would you also like to do technical diving training during your stay at Nemo Dive Club & Hotel? Click here for more information about the technical diving courses. From beginner to advanced, everything is possible …