The restaurant and the rooftop terrace are on the 4th floor . From the roof terrace you have a magnificent view of the mountains and the bay of Safaga . Do you have certain requirements or are you allergic to certain products? Let us know so we can take care of this and inform the cooks.


Breakfast is served in buffet style. We have different types of bread, savory and sweet fillings, fresh fruit, yogurt, milk and corn flakes. A toaster to toast the bread yourself. A chef is also available to cook pancakes and eggs on request. You can choose between fried eggs, scrambled eggs and omelets, for which you can choose the ingredients yourself.


At noon , lunch is served in the beach bar . For large groups is the lunch served in of a small buffet. In smaller numbers , you can choose between a salad or a hot dish. Taste of our chicken-, egg- or tuna salad or choose a hamburger , kofta or chicken wings , served with fries and salad .


In the evening we serve a dinner buffet. Always with a soup as a starter. Mostly rice and / or pasta, one or more potato dishes , one or more meat or fish dishes and cooked vegetables . We have a salad bar with fresh salads. A dessert bar with fresh fruit , puddings and cakes. Every Friday (not during wintertime) we serve a barbecue on our private beach .