Our hotel

Comfortable sleep, diving, good food and drink ...

Nemo Dive Club & Hotel is a small dive hotel with a family atmosphere where you will feel at home from the first day. The hotel is located directly on the coast, has a private beach and is within walking distance of the marina. The “old” Safaga can be reached quickly and cheaply by minibus. Our hotel has 33 rooms, all with shower, toilet, refrigerator and air conditioning. Most rooms have a balcony. Of course the little ones among us are also very welcome. There are cots and highchairs available for them. We also have many beach toys.

Activities Safaga

For divers and non-divers...

Activities around Safaga for divers and non divers

Divers will find here all the varieties that the Red Sea has to offer. Take a dive on the house reef directly from our beach or visit the many dive sites nearby by boat. Morning and night dives, both from the beach and the boat, are also recommended. For advanced divers, the wrecks in the area are a must, such as the Salem Express and the Sadana from 1765.

If you don’t dive

Not yet a diver, but you do like snorkeling? Then book an introductory dive and take the first step as a Scuba Diver. The owners and employees of NEMO Dive Club themself are recognized professionals of the PADI diving federation.


To recover from the trip for a day, or to prepare for the return trip or after a day at sea, you can relax at our swimming pool.
You can also have a massage and / or relax with a beauty treatment.


We offer snorkeling trips, kite and windsurfing, water skiing and other water activities.
Or would you rather take a jeep safari, ride a Quad, on a camel through the desert or on horseback along / in the sea?
It is possible!


Trips to down town Safaga (where you can experience authentic Egyptian life), to Luxor (including Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple), Cairo (including pyramids, Egyptian museum) and / or Hurghada (shopping, going out), all you can book with us.


Duiken met Nemo Dive Club & Hotel, is duiken op ongerepte riffen...

Diving with Nemo Dive Club & Hotel is diving on pristine reefs, easy to reach from the hotel. Nemo has everything to make your stay and the dives pleasant. The dive center is located on the ground floor and is the heart of our company. The administration takes place in the office. In the associated shop you can find many useful products you may need for your holiday, from T-shirts to dive computers. The equipment room contains the well-maintained rental equipment, such as regulators, BCDs and wetsuits, as well as diving lamps and computers. The compressors, which provide 100% clean air for your dives, are also located in this room.

Coral reefs are among the richest, oldest and most complex natural areas in the world.

Imagine: a single reef can contain around 200 species of coral, 300 species of fish and 10,000 to 100,000 species of invertebrates. Coral reefs cover only a quarter of a percent of the sea surface. Yet 25 percent of all fish species depend on the reef. The fish find a place to live there, they give birth to their young or find their food there. Not only do millions of animals (most of which are still awaiting discovery) depend on the coral reef, but also millions of people. The reef is also a treasure trove for medicines and serves as a coastal protector. Enough reasons to be careful with it,

Corals are living organisms that can become sick. Plastic plays a major role in this, as it now appears for the first time. Coral damaged by plastic is injured and susceptible to disease. These not only affect that one coral, but spread across an entire reef.

The team

We want to make your stay as pleasant as possible...

Nemo is not a big hotel and wants to keep the service personal. The Nemo Dive Club & Hotel team is part of “the family” and strives to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Our employees would like to welcome you.

Special School Safaga

School for mentally handicapped children

In October 2010, the Egyptian government established the Safaga Special School. In addition to education, the aim is to strive for acceptance of people with a mental disability, because to this day in Egypt these persons and their families are shunned or rejected by society. Every school day, about forty children between 5 and 17 years old with mental retardation, autism and Down syndrome come to the school.

This is how Special School Safaga started…

In 2011 Sofie Deconinck and Danielle Theunissen heard about this new school and the need for extra help. The first visit to the school was shocking to them as the approach to education for disabled people in Western countries is completely different. Sofie and Danielle decided to lend a helping hand and take action. The start of a beautiful adventure…

Initially, the aid focused on furnishing the bare classrooms, providing playground equipment, sports equipment for physical exercise, etc.

This is how Special School Safaga has evolved…

Over the years, Special School Safaga and the organization expanded the children’s activities with outings, entertainment at Nemo Dive Club & Hotel and weekly recreational sessions with the kids in the classroom, taught by our volunteers, to stimulate and enhance their creativity and skills. At the initiative of Sofie, the organization started in 2014 with water therapy for some physically handicapped children from Safaga, as they are not supported either. Nemo Dive Club & Hotel offered the use of its pool for this purpose and today several children attend these weekly sessions, guided by professional therapists in kine and speech therapy. These people also treat these children in their own practices 3 times a week.

In the meantime, an organization has also emerged in collaboration with Heba and Joseph: “children from Safaga with special needs”. Here the parents and the rest of the family are also more involved.

Our goal…

By collecting funds, the schools can purchase equipment and provide financial support so that the teachers and our team of volunteers have the opportunity to continue to stimulate and activate the children. The therapies are also financed.