Nemo house reef diving packages

(Diving packages valid for hotel stays of at least 7 nights and full board at Hotel Nemo)

Package 2: Unlimited day dives on the house reef 

(Day Diving at the house reef from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
DescriptionPrice per personAmount of days
Diving Package-1€ 401
Diving Package-5€ 1825
Diving Package-7€ 2457
Diving Package-8€ 2738
Diving Package-10€ 34210
Diving Package-12€ 39112
1 dive on the house reef€ 251 dive
Unlimited diving on the house reef€ 401
Swap 1 house reef dive for a boat dive€ 201 dive
Intro dive
(incl. Red sea tax/ equip)
€ 501 dive
Intro dive
(incl. Red sea tax/ equip)
€ 702 dives/ 1 day
Diving guide€ 101 dive
Prived diving guide per persson€ 352 dives/ 1 day
Divers WELCOME information (print)
Safe diving statement (print)
Diver medical statement (print)

* Divers must be in possession of their certificate, logbook and medical certificate.!

* OW divers and divers with less than 30 dives in their logbook are obliged by the government to dive with a guide.! (Private dive guide, report 2 days in advance)

All our prices are per person and cannot be combined with third parties – in case of cancellation/illness they cannot be transferred to third parties.

Not included:

Red Sea Tax: € 5 per day of diving (to be paid on site)

Deco room insurance: € 5 (on a voluntary basis, to be arranged on site)

With this contribution you are not only assured of the availability of the decompression chamber in Safaga, but also ensure its preservation. Safaga has its own decompression chamber, but if there is insufficient support, it will be moved to, for example, Hurgada. Even if you are already insured, your support is important for your safety. The sooner you get there, the better!