Rates diving equipment

We rent first-class diving equipment at good rates...

Pricelist rent diving equipment

Diving equipmentPrice per dayDay's
Full equipment€ 301
Longsuit€ 101
Shorty€ 51
BCD€ 101
Regulator€ 101
Mask, fins and snorkel€ 51
Boots€ 51
Torch/ per duik€ 101 (duik)
Dive computer€ 101
15 liter cilinder/ tank€ 51 (tank)
Nitrox/ tank 12 ltr€ 81 (tank)
Nitrox/ tank 15 ltr€ 131 (tank)

Rules for the rental of diving equipment:

  • Show a valid ID.
  • Show your diving certificate.
  • All devices must be returned thoroughly cleaned. If the material is returned dirty, € 5 per attribute will be charged.
  • Book early. The materials are rented out in order of registration.
  • Pick up the material yourself and return at least half an hour before closing time.